Vape Pens have become increasingly popular over the past few years, everywhere you go there is usually someone with a vape pen there. They’re a modern day alternative to smoking regular cigarettes and are a great way for people to cut out the habit! In simple terms, they allow you to intake nicotine without all the other harmful chemicals. Great for you and even better for everyone around you. No more second-hand smoke.

Types of Vape Pens
If you’re looking to buy vape pens for the first time, it can be a bit intimidating seeing all the different brands, some are disposable, some are not? Each brand will tell you their type is the best. Here’s what you need to know. As we’ve said, there are disposable vape pens, these are single use’. All this is, is they have a limited amount of liquid inside of them for you to breathe in and once it’s run out, you bin it. They are cheaper, to begin with, but if you become an avid user as many people do, it can become expensive.

The most popular type is definitely reusable vape pens, some of which you can customize and change bits to suit you. The great thing is if parts of your vape pens stop working which is inevitable with the constant use and internal stresses on them it’s much cheaper to replace one part than the whole thing.

How do Vape Pens Work?

First off, the nicotine is mixed with liquid and any flavors the user wants and put into the tank ready for the user. The high powered battery is almost always lithium-ion like you find in most modern portable electronics, they offer long life and high power to your vape pens. It delivers the power needed to power the atomizer, which is just another name really for the heating part of the vape pen, they also have different names such as cartomizer and clearomizer. There’s a lot of terminologies different people use when talking about vape pens! They may offer slightly different benefits, but basically, all are the same thing. They heat up the liquid at a moment’s notice so the user doesn’t have to wait to use the vape pen. Making the liquid into tiny water droplets light enough to float. This is the bit that usually needs replacing after a period of time due the stresses goes through it constantly.

These clever bits of kits also require sensors in them, whether you purchase a push button type, or the automatic one that starts up when you inhale from it, the vape pen needs to know when to dispense the vapor. Put all this together and you’ve got your vape pen. The only thing that comes out is water vapor, so it’s not harmful to anyone else around you and is great for the environment.

A Flavor for Everyone
As you move on with your vape pen, you may wish to try different flavors of e-liquid (sometimes called e-juice). There’s an endless supply out there to try! From classic tobacco flavor to kiwi fruit, Red Bull, mint and even flavors of spices! The most common practice is to buy them ready mixed, although if you want to save some money you could consider buying the flavors and mix it up yourself. This can be cumbersome and you don’t always get the right strength of flavor you’re looking for from your vape pens.

Vendors usually sell them in a variety of sizes so you can buy small tester bottles to see if you enjoy the flavor coming from your vape pen before committing to a larger order. Another great thing about vape pens, the fact you can choose your nicotine strength in the liquid. Over time you can reduce this helping you reduce your cravings on your own terms.

One more thing to look at when buying e-liquid is the actual liquid it is mixed with, the cheapest option is called Vegetable Glycerin’ and the other is Propylene Glycol. There’s a lot of mixtures between the 2 as well to find what works best for you, it changes the amount of vapor that is produced from your vape pen and also the sensation it delivers. It’s really about trial and error.

Keeping your Vape Pen in Top Condition

You’ve got your vape pen and you’re loving it. Keeping it in good condition will make it last longer and work at its very best for a long time to come. It only takes a few minutes and if your vape pen came with a warranty, they will want to see that you have been maintaining it properly before they issue you with a new one if something does happen to go wrong.

First, take the vape pen apart into its pieces and do the following. The mouth piece, this is where all the vapor comes through and attracts the most dirt from the outside world, so get a cotton swab and dip it in rubbing alcohol and give it a gentle clean.

As for the battery, you just want to check the terminal of the battery where it connects and make sure no dirt has collected on here or leaked through the pen, get a dry cloth and give it a gentle wipe. Doing this will make sure you always have good contact between the battery to give the right amount of power at all times.

As for the atomizer, these often come with their own cleaning tools as they can be quite delicate, so you must be gentle. Again, use a dry cotton swab to clean out any stubborn particles which may be trapped inside. If you need to give the outside a clean, just use some rubbing alcohol once again.

Now just let everything air dry naturally for 30 minutes or so, refill your vape pen and you’re good to go. I would do this maybe once a week or every two weeks depending on how much usage it gets.

Hopefully, you enjoyed our all-inclusive guide to your vape pen choices and are now ready to get yours and see what all the fuss has been about! Once you’ve tried them, you’ll never want to go back to smoking a regular cigarette again we can assure you.